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Custom Covers process:

Before booking, please review my portfolio to make sure my style of cover is what you are looking for. I want to make sure I can offer you the services you need and want.  If you feel like w are a good fit aesthetically and want to book your custom cover, it is 50% non-refundable deposit to secure your spot.


At the beginning of your scheduled month, I will reach out to touch base regarding your cover design. We can chat through various media forms: text, messenger, email, or phone. 


This conversation will focus on your concepts, ideas, fonts, colors, etc.  The first rough draft will be sent to you based on the the notes take during this meeting and will be sent by the agreed upon date. It will generally take 1-3 days for revisions based on author feedback. The time frame depends on the type of revisions needed. 

Custom Covers range from $200-$300:

-1 Image Cover $200

-2 Image Cover $225

-3 Image Cover $250

-3+ Image Cover $300

Audiobook Covers:

-$25 add on

Ebook Cover Only range from $75-150:

-1 Image Cover $100

-2 Image Cover $125

-3 Image Cover $150

-3+ Image Cover $200

What comes with your custom cover?

-One full wrap and ebook cover. 

-Title PNG

-Social Media Banner 

-3d Book Renders - Paperback, ebook, and duo

-ARC and Teaser cover

- Up to 3 Revisions (anything more than 3 will have an additional fee)

**All covers are made with stockphotos from Depositphotos and Shutterstock**

**Any author who purchases their own photo will need to show licensing**

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